IQOS ILUMA features heated tobacco technology that completely reinvents the rules of heated tobacco, With bladeless technology at its core for a simple and clean heated tobacco experience. Easy insertion and extraction of the stick.

IQOS is an advanced smoke-free alternative that heats real tobacco, releasing tobacco vapour, not smoke. Now introducing IQOS ILUMA with our new innovative technology taking heated tobacco experience to the next level.

Features on the IQOS ILUMA:

  • Vibrating IQOS Holder
  • Smartcore Induction System™
  • Bladeless Heating for Zero Cleaning Whatsoever
  • 20 TEREA Stick Battery Capacity IQOS Charger With Rapid Charge
  • Beautifully Simple and Sophisticated New Design With Aluminuim IQOS holder
  • Automatic Activation Upon TEREA Installation
  • Array of Colour Option Accessories
  • 2 Consecutive ILUMA Vaping Sessions

What’s in the Box:

IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger
Charging cable
Power adaptor

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