Alec Bradley HJ10-i 2012 (Box of 10)


Limited to only 2,000 pieces ever made in 2012, this cigar is truly a rare breed. Alec Bradley release a version of ‘Fine and Rare’ every year and we have the pleasure to offer a limited quantity of this sacred cigar to our customers.

10 cigars housed in a beautifully finished wooden display box which holds each individual cigar with care. Each cigar is banded with the roll date, release date, number of cigars produced in that week, the name of the factory and signatures of the factory supervisor and both the vice-president and president of Alec Bradley.

The wrapper is sourced from Honduras, and the binder is combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan double binder. The experience begins with subtle notes of natural tobacco, pepper and cinnamon followed by a more earthy taste and climaxes with a spice and citrus hint.

This collection was truly rolled for the true cigar connoisseur.

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