IQOS Offer

You’ve tried to quit smoking but can’t find that satisfying taste and flavour with E-liquids. Or you’ve realised how expensive cigarettes have become.

Look no further as we are proud to present the IQOS Heated Tobacco Starter Kit!

IQOS HEETS cost less than half the price of cigarettes.

IQOS uses real tobacco and heats each stick to the perfect temperature to ensure you are enjoying the flavour you want.

HEETS emit 95% less harmful chemicals when compared to cigarettes.

IQOS Charging
HEETS Turquoise

For our local customers, we are offering a “try before you buy” offer.

Simply pop in store and collect an IQOS device with a choice of two HEETS flavours for only £10. That’s forty sticks for the same price as twenty cigarettes!

All that is required from you is to register the device with IQOS and you walk away with a brand new device to try in the comfort of your own home for 14 days. You then have the choice to keep the device and pay the additional cost of £39 or simply return the device.